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I Can't Say That I'm Sorry!

SyFy cancelled Stargate Universe. My first reaction to the news was, "Yesssssss!" I found the show confusing and depressing so whatever the plan or premise for the show was, for me, it failed.

I am very sorry for the actors and production crews who found this out a week before Christmas. No one wants to be unemployed and especially at Christmas or before the New Year. This is just an example of the brains and hearts of the execs who handle the programming for TV.

To those of you who loved the show, my sympathy. I know how it feels to have a favorite show go "blink".

I may be bias though, I hated it from the start. Okay, I'm very bias. I was so disappointed that SGA was cancelled. There was no reason to do that. The 'proof was in the pudding' so to speak. The show was nominated for many awards and had won the People's Choice Award; it had gotten decent ratings; everyone I knew had heard about it or was talking about the show and wondering how the characters and plot lines were going to play out. One of the sure signs that a show is doing great is when people tell you how much they hate the nemesis of a show. EVERYBODY, I knew who watched SGA, hated Kolya! Todd was a little more inconclusive. We wanted to hate him but we loved him too because he saved John.

We talked about who was dating whom and if they would really allow a gay pairing (Stackhouse and Markham)on the show? Sales were up, interest was high. I couldn't wait for the writer's strike to end so that I could get back to the business of Stargating in Atlantis. And why have a strike if the shows on TV are lousy? Who would care? In my part of Earthside "Atlantis" everyone was in an uproar because of the stupid strike and the inability to watch SGA.

So now that the favorite new 'toy' of the creators and producers has been proven damaged and unacceptable they have taken it off line. I just hope that before they close the 'toy factory' that they will keep their promise and still have the Atlantis movie come out on DVD. I miss my friends and their adventures; like I said, I know what its like.

I also hope TPTB see that with the economy and the threat of disasters all around us that we don't need more 'dark and edgy' shows. We need fun, adventure, and the display of the fight for truth and peace with characters who can laugh at themselves so that we can laugh with them about ourselves and get through the next day or even the next hour. Is it too late or too much to ask that they bring back the light? I truly hope they will listen and learn.

So goodbye SGU! I do not lament your passing. I hope that your early demise will open up the way for another kind of sci-fi show; a 'kinder gentler' show that will be different. There's nothing wrong with different, but one that will also bring hope back to the inhabitants of Earth. There is nothing wrong with hope either especially when accompanied with some good whumping, handsome actors, bad-ass weapons, cool special effect, well written plots, exotic AI spaceships THAT COULD BE EXPLORED, well written lines given by said handsome actors who can deliver lines with believability, etc, etc, etc.

To stargate lovers everywhere: Many, merry, happy, holiday, Holies to us, everyone!



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Dec. 18th, 2010 10:08 am (UTC)
I Can't Say That I'm Sorry
It is so good to hear from you! How have you been?

Hear! Hear! to your comments re: Syfy's cancellation of Stargate Universe. "Grog for everyone!"

This is one of my dream-wishes for TV/Movies. Wouldn't it be uber cool if we could have a show called, 'Writing for the Stars' or some other goofy name. Each quarter fan fiction writers would learn how to wrestle their stories from their plot bunnies and put them in production form. At the end of the process the show would be aired as a 'Movie of the Week' or 'Hallmark Special' or simply, 'Fan Fiction Presents'.

I have read some amazing stories and wished for them to be on the BIG screen. They would never cancel our show. Plus, it would take eons to just get through the stories already written.

Actors would line up to be on it. Sponsors would pay a mint to advertise because, well, we just have it going on like that! Ca-ching!

And we, who knew it from the start, would just sit back and enjoy the stories in living color....

I wish I was an any number-nillionaire! LOL!forever
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