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Sir Isaac Newton was the author of the quotation above. He was astute in his observation. I tried to tell myself not to be so excited, not to want to see Joe so badly because it would not be to my advantage. Well Ike, life's karma has struck again.

I went to my friend's home and was ready to see Joe do his stuff. 2.5 Men ended and *blank*. The station retained the logo of 2.5 Men and for the next 2 hours that is all it showed. Disappointment thy name is Karen.

I didn't cry. I didn't cuss. I didn't throw my popcorn. I just accepted that the world was once again raining on my rained out parade. C'est la vie. Someday I'll get a chance to see this TV movie, Change of Plans, and I will enjoy it. But right now, LIFE SUCKS COW PATTIES!